12 janvier 2008

Shine on

SHINE ON James Blunt "Are you calling for our last dance ? I see it in your eyes... in your eyes I could use the same old lines... but I'll sing Shine on, just shine on Close your eyes and they'll all be gone They can scream and shout that they've been sold out, but it paid for the cloud that we're dancing on So shine on, just shine on With your smile just as bright as the sun 'Cause they're all just slaves to the Gods they've made But you and I, just shone, just shone And when silence greets my last goodbye... [Lire la suite]
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07 janvier 2008


1973 James Blunt "Simone You're getting older Your journey's been Etched on your skin Simone Wish I had known that What seemed so strong Has been and gone I would call you up every Saturday night And we'd both stay out till the morning light And we sang "Here we go again" And though time goes by I will always be In a club with you In 1973 Singing "Here we go again" Simone Wish I was sober So I could see clearly now The rain has gone Simone I guess it's over My memory plays our tune... [Lire la suite]
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